Show and Tell

Have you ever thought about that? Show and Tell and Jesus....

When I was a kid that was one of my favorite things in school was "show and tell" day. My kids were much the same when they were growing up. They put some serious thought and preparation into WHAT they were bringing to "Show and Tell." Maybe our dog (which always involved MORE planning). Maybe some rock or feather they found. Maybe something they created, built or put together themselves at home. And more. There were years of Friday "Show and Tell" days and three kids each doing their own thing.

What was so special about "Show and Tell" day? Each time it was something they were SO proud of sharing with their classmates. This "item" was something they held dear and valued and they wanted their classmates to see the wonder and value of this item. To have classmates "Ooooh and Aaah" over what was shared. Esteemed. Held dear. Valued. Cherished.

I remember Jess wanting to take one of her MOST favorite Barbie dolls to school for "show and tell" when she was in Kindergarten. This Barbie had had a "hard life." She had some crayon marks...a fresh haircut (use your imagination here)...a manicure (toes snipped with scissors). To my eyes, Barbie was quite a mess. To Jess, she was beautiful and her "makeover" was on point. Perception.

At home it was days of, "MOM, look at THIS!" excitement. Putting it on a shelf. Putting it out for company to see. Hanging it on the refrigerator. But wanting others to SEE the UNIQUE MERIT of what was beloved. And not just SEE the "show and tell" item but to HEAR the STORY about that item was part of the experience. That was really SO much of "Show and Tell" was NOT just the CHERISH but also the UNIQUENESS of the beheld.

You are esteemed in Jesus' eyes. Uniquely made and knit together. Not like any other. Beloved. Prized. Jesus sees you as beautiful. He loves YOU with a love that is beyond your understanding. Beyond my understanding. And He doesn't see the messy flaws and broken past. Much like a little girl that saw beauty and loved her special Barbie despite all the "happenings" Barbie had experienced, that made Barbie MORE beautiful to Jess. Barbie was different and not like the rest. Unique. Her special one. And so are YOU. Jesus sees BEYOND the physical and He KNOWS your potential and that's what His eyes see. Eyes of love. Love that values your uniqueness and isn't set on flaws but on what you have become BECAUSE of Him. Righteous. And He will stand before the Father and cover you. And He will stand before the accuser and be your defense. As He smiles. His beloved.

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