The Refresher

Refreshing. Encouraging. Edifying. Uplifting. Support.

These are beautiful words. They represent what we desire for others to do for us. They represent our intent of what we wish to do for others. Unfortunately, reality falls somewhere short of this more often than we plan or desire.

This is one of our charges as a Christ follower. I used one for motherhood because for me, this was where I probably faced my biggest challenges, as words spoke to me were far from encouraging. And I know from mentoring young mothers today, they are still experiencing the same issue. Those of us that should encourage and uplift and refresh...too often we criticize or offer how much “better” we did (xyz). It’s an easy trap to slip into if we aren’t careful. And how we mother is deeply knit in our DNA so when someone smashes us in that area, it cuts deep.

I pray today that we could encourage the young women around us. Refresh them. We’ve all questioned things we did along the path of motherhood but to have others come along side and speak life and love and beauty into our mothering is soul refreshing. It’s deep. We will all make mistakes but grace is offered us all, so may we lavish it on others as well.

As you encourage today, know you are possibly equipping someone to move forward in a positive direction today. And that encouraging and refreshing can release a down cast heart. It can empower. So wherever you are today, be a refresher. Like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day to someone that needs it. Refresh and it will bring joy to your soul and refresh you as well. God is good. Be a blessing!

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