What's on your plate today?

Is it heaped high with "to-do's"? Is everything compartmentalized so they don't mix or touch each other? Is it slim-pickings? Not much there. Is it well-balanced, well-rounded?

I ask this today because we can get busy in our lives FEEDING our flesh. Feeding the physical and all we see with our eyes and forget to feed and nourish our souls. We can put our daily living on our plate and feast on it daily, but what happens when that becomes THE habit? The lifestyle? Sure, there is plenty ON our plates. Sure, we might section stuff out and keep areas of our life from touching other areas of our life. Sure, we might do as little as possible so we don't get overwhelmed. But really, is any of that well-balanced?

What IS well-balanced? If our souls are starving, it doesn't matter HOW much is heaping or how much we shove off or keep separate...we will be dissatisfied. We will FEEL lack. Money for more stuff is not the issue. More hours in the day is not the issue. Adding or removing "to-do's" is not the real issue. The REAL issue is ARE WE FEEDING OUR SOULS? If we desire a rich life, then it is found IN CHRIST and it is found IN His presence. That means being intentional to get alone with Him and allow HIM to SPEAK into your soul. That means getting into His word and allowing it to speak. That means LETTING Him do a work within you. That time with Him, in Word and in intimacy, nurtures your soul to a place YOU cannot attain or find on your own. Peace. He is. Joy. He brings it. Love. He is. Patience. She does her perfect work.

And you find that when your soul is well-nourished, the fruit of time with Him, manifests in your life. Fruit of the Spirit. You don't search for MORE of anything other than MORE of Him. A satisfaction beyond human understanding and yet it fills you. No starving. Holy in-filling. Balance. Kedushah (Kadosh). Our souls are full. Our lives are full. Life in Christ, not in stuff.

Feast today. Come feast at HIS heavenly banquet! And as your enemy is ever before you, let him watch as the Lord prepares the table. Will YOU come and join Him? What's on your plate?

she is...Ministries

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